Insights 22
We're back! The HMPPS Insights22 Festival will be taking place on
9 - 20 May 2022

Insights22 Festival

We are delighted to announce that the HMPPS Insights22 Festival will be taking place 9-20 May 2022

Insights22 is by you, and for you - it is open to anyone who works for, or alongside, HMPPS. This includes colleagues who work in the VCSE sector, scrutiny bodies, academics, and wider criminal justice staff. The Insights Festival brings people together to learn knowledge and skills, share ideas and good practice, connect to build relationships, and celebrate success.

We are looking for a broad range of events and unique learning opportunities, across departments, sectors, and regions around the UK and beyond - we need you!


Large audience events


Small group visits or events

Exclusive VIP

Extraordinary opportunities
Examples for offers may include:
Shadowing/immersive opportunities
Practice workshops
Site visits and project showcases
Coffee and chat with senior leaders
Academic seminars
International connections
Behind-the-scenes access to different parts of the system
Guest speakers
Panel events
Arts and sports initiatives
Wellbeing events
Please click the button below to put forward an offer for the Insights22 Festival programme by 31st January 2022.
Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Insights20 Festival Programme.

If you would like to discuss your ideas, please contact the team at [email protected]
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